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Most recreational sports bettors have no rhyme or reason to how much they bet on a game. Many times when they are winning they stay flat, and when on a losingstreak, they make larger and larger bets which results in disaster.

Here is a money management bet size system that make sense.

This system is a percentage of bankroll betting system, with some stop loss and profit taking built into it.

It calls for bets of 5% of bankroll, which most people would say is ultra aggressive. Let’s take a look, starting with a $10,000 bankroll.

Our starting bet is $500 or 5% of our starting bankroll.

If you start off with a losing week, and your bankroll for week 2 is under$10,000, you simply continue to bet 5%.  If you start week 2 with a $8000 bank, you bet $400 a game. Anytime your bankroll is under your $10,000 start, you stick with the 5% percentage bets.

Now when you are winning, you continue to bet 5% of your bankroll every time you have a winning week. So lets say after week 1 your bankroll is $13,000, in week 2 you would bet $650 a game. If you winfor the week and your bankroll starts week 3 at $15,000, you would bet $750 a game in week 3, and so on.

Now lets talk about what happens when you have your first losing week after a winning streak. Lets say you win the first four weeks, and your bankroll is up to $17,000, then you have a losing week, and you lose $1,100. ——YOU START THE PROCESS AGAIN!

You go back to the $10,000 starting bankroll, and you lock up the$5,900 profit.

So, to recap, when you bankroll is under $10,000, stick with betting 5%. When your bankroll grows above $10,000, bet 5%,until you have a losing week. /then, start again at $10,000, and take your profits.

In theory, this allows you to take advantage of what I call bunching. which is just the idea, that winning and losing in sportsbetting goes in streaks. You will be betting more money on winning streaks, and less on losing streaks. The main advantage is that it keeps you from making
a sportsbettors biggest mistake, which is never betting more money when winning, and always betting more when losing.

Give it a shot and see how it works for you.