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When should you buy the 1/2 point in a NFL or College football game?

Some books will let you lay buy a 1/2 point in football for 10 cents  In other worlds you would lay 120 to 100, instead of 110 to 100 and you get to move your line 1/2 point. When should you take advantage of the books generosity in letting you do this?  NEVER,  well almost never. The two numbers that would be no-brainers would be 3 and 7, of course no book will let you buy on or off those numbers for 10 cents.

OK – if you are just a normal, I want to bet a few bucks on a football game, have some fun and maybe make some money kind of guy, you can stop reading now. Your answer is NEVER!

If you are a I’m going to go for my bookmakers throat and get every tiny advantage I can kind of guy or gal, read on!

Exceptions to the NEVER Rule

If your book allows buying off 7 for 10 cents, (laying 120 to 100)

  • Always buy from -7 to -6 1/2
  • Always buy from +7 to +7 1/2

There are two other numbers with very slight mathematical advantages
that almost all books will allow.

  • Always buy from -10 to  -9 1/2
  • Always buy from +10 to +10 1/2
  • Always buy from -14 to -13 1/2
  • Always buy from +14 to +14 1/2

(Important – You will always be better off shopping and trying to find a line that is giving you the extra 1/2 point instead of buying it)

That’s it, there are no other numbers where if is ever is in your advantage to buy the 1/2 point. (unless of course, you just have a hunch)

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